Discover Centuries Of Innovation

For centuries the Creminelli family has passed down the tradition of crafting artisan salami in and around Biella, Italy.

Early 1900's


Mid 1900's


By age 25 Cristiano took over salami production in his father’s Salumifico, and under his watch the Creminelli family was officially recognized by Italy’s cultural ministry as Artisans of Excellence.


IN 2006

In 2006 Cristiano partnered with Chris and Jared to start Creminelli Fine Meats. He moved to Utah and immediately embraced the freedom this new world offered him. Combining traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic, they introduced American fans to new flavors and products.

After years of bringing high-quality artisan charcuterie to dinner tables, picnic blankets, and gym bags, Creminelli continues to innovate with new ways to enjoy handcrafted salami.

In SLC since 2006